Follow the Easy Steps for HP Printer Setup on Windows 10


How to Setup your HP Printer on Windows 10?

It is very easy to setup an HP printer, anyone who Is having the basics of computing in their mind can get it done without facing any difficulties. If you have an HP printer it would be very easy for you to convert the abstract files which are stored on the system, to real objects. 

If you have been using HP printer then there is a slight possibility that it may stop working or won’t work after upgrading the Windows 10. Don’t feel blue! There are many who want an HP printer setup on window 10. There is a solution to every problem and so the resolution to this problem is also there but it needs a handful of action by your side.

Windows 10 is in-famed for its printing issues which in result effects your serious work. These coming issues no doubt can be resolved with some instructions or methods. 

To know all these instructions on HP printer setup, follow the steps mentioned below also you can seek the help of the HP printer support team by calling on HP printer support number 1-800-656-0360. All the support representatives are highly experienced and are always ready to aid you with all your queries. 

Follow the steps below for HP Printer Setup on your Windows 10:

1.    For HP printer setup on windows 10 Firstly, you need to turn on your printer and make sure that you check that it is connected to the network.
2.    Then open the control panel: there are many ways to open the control panel in windows 10 

From the Start Menu

•    Open the start menu 
•    Then scroll down to W, click on the window system and then click control panel. 

From Cortana Search Bar 

•    The Cortana search bar is on the left side of the taskbar, which is next to the Start menu key. Now you need to click on the search bar to place the cursor in this box. 

•    Now type the word control here. Cortana will list up the same matches as you will type. Then from the list click on the control panel option. 

3.    Now you need to click on the hardware and sound link
4.    Click on add a device link under the option of devices and printers

5.    Now let the windows scan the printer and if detected select the printer and then click on Next. And if the printer isn’t listed then click “The printer that I want is not listed” and spring up to add a printer by IP address or by name. 

•    If you are knowing the printer name then choose “Select a shared printer by name” and then enter the path to the printer. 

•    If you don’t know the printer’s path but you are having the printer IP address then select the “Add a printer using a TCP/IP address o hostname” option.
6.    Then click Next. 

7.    If during the setup windows ask you for printer drivers then point the same to the location of your drivers. 

If still, you aren’t satisfied with the standard method of HP printer setup, you can contact the HP support team by calling on the HP printer support phone number 1-800-656-0360. The support team is always available to assist you with all your queries.