HP Printer Setup - Brand New Printer Setup


Printers have become crucial to the functioning of today’s businesses. You’ll find multiple printers in every work place. Printers have made it easy to distribute documents in physical form. When a printer stops working, it becomes a matter of major concern, as business activities get disrupted.

Of course, you can share documents in electronic form if your printer stops working, but an electronic document doesn’t offer the same convenience as a physically printed document. For most people it is easier to read a printed document as compared to a DOC file on your computer or phone.

There are quite a number of Printer brands in the market, however HP printers are among the most popular. HP is a leading printer manufacturer, and HP Printers have sold in millions for both business, and home usage. HP Printers are well known for their high-quality printing capabilities, and have earned a good reputation for their longevity, and quality service.

If you’ve just purchased an HP Printer, and would like to install the Printer, and get in in working condition, this article is for you! If you’re confused or lost at any stage during installation of the HP Printer, simply call the HP Printer Contact Number, and we’ll guide you personally!

These below mentioned steps will teach you how to easily set-up your HP Printer:
1.    Unbox the Printer. Take it out of the cardboard box, remove all tapes, and other protective layers. Be careful that you remove the packaging from the cartridges, and printer input tray.

2.    The second step is to the install printer ink cartridges. Open the cartridge tray, and first put in the black ink cartridge, followed by the colored ink cartridge. You’ll hear a click sound when the cartridges are properly installed. If you need help setting up your HP printer, simply call on the HP Printer Contact Number, and our experienced team of executives will help you setting up your printer.

3.    Make sure the Cartridges are properly aligned. If they’re not aligned right, you’ll not be able to printer the document, and the printer show an error. If you’re getting a cartridge error, or would like to purchase new cartridges, simply call the HP Printer Contact number for assistance.

4.    Now you have to connect the printer to a power source. Once the printer is plugged in, switch it on, and see if you can see a green-light. If the printer comes with a scanner, you can do a trial photo-copy to ensure everything is working fine. HP Printer Contact Number is active 24/7 to help resolve all your HP Printer related issues. If you’re printer isn’t switching on, just give a call.

5.    You can easily connect your HP printer to the PC. Most modern HP printers come with wireless or USB connection. Simply plug in the USB and start printing! In case, you’ve a wireless HP printer, setting it up can be a bit tricky. If you require help connecting a wireless printer to your PC or mobile device, you can contact HP’s experienced printer executives on the HP Printer Contact Number.

6.    After you have connected your Printer to the PC, you have to open the Printer’s control Panel and set up your HP printer preferences which include language, region, time and more.

7.    You can install drivers either from the CD that comes with the printer, or download them from the HP Printer’ website. If you need to download the drivers online, first check your HP printer model number, and then go to HP Printer website, find your printer’s driver, and download them for your OS version.

8.    Once you’ve downloaded the drivers, installed the ink cartridges, connected the printer with the PC, the final step is to load your printer tray with Printing paper and you’ll be ready to print.

Your HP Printer is now all ready and set to print documents. Whether you want print images, or text files – you’re good to go. You can do a trial a run for both text, and image files to ensure that your HP printer is functioning properly. In case, you’re facing any issues, just give us a call on the HP Printer Contact Number, and we’ll be happy to help you out!