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A common complaint we hear from Windows 10 users is that their HP printer is to set to offline, and they’re unable to print any documents. Mostly network HP printers face the offline error, however a lot of personal PC users who have a direct connection to their printer also commonly encounter this error.

We’ll guide you on how to fix the HP printer offline issue in this article, however, if you find this guide to be too technical, we recommend you to contact HP printer customer support experts to resolve the issue for you.

Three Easy Ways to Repair HP Printer Offline Issue
1.    Try Restarting your PC and Re-plugging your Printer
This is one of the easiest and most effective solution to the HP printer offline error. In fact, majority of your issues with your HP Printer can be solved through this very simple technique.

All you need to do is to restart your PC, unplug your Printer and re-plug it. Once you restart your PC, and connect your printer again, it is highly likely that error message would have gone. If you’re still getting the error, try running the HP printer diagnostic tool. The tool will automatically detect any software issues that may be affecting your printer, and provide solutions it.

2.    Update your HP Printer Drivers
HP regularly releases driver updates for most of its printers. Sometimes, your printer might not be compatible with newer versions of Windows, and start to malfunction. In such cases, it is important that you update your printer’s drivers to the latest.

Here’s how you can easily update your HP printer drivers:
•    Visit the HP printer website.
•    Look up your HP Printer model number of the website.
•     If you don’t know your model number, you can find it mentioned on the back on the printer.
•    Once you enter the model number, the list of drivers will be displayed.
•    Download the drivers compatible with the operating system you’re running.
•    Locate the downloaded the file, and install the drivers.
•    Restart your PC after the drivers have finished installing.

If you’re having difficulty updating your HP printer drivers, it is best to contact HP printer support phone number to assist you. Printers Help experts are well trained and experienced in dealing with all HP printer issues, and will resolve your issue in a matter of minutes.

3.    Try Changing your HP Printer Settings
Sometimes your Printer might be displaying the HP printer offline error, if it is incorrectly set up. To resolve this issue, you’ll have to fix your HP printer settings. Here are some

1.    Open Control panel, and go to Printers and devices.
2.    If you have more than one printer connected to the PC, ensure that you’ve selected the HP printer as the default windows printer.
3.    Once you’ve set the HP printer as default, right click the printer icon to open the “What’s printing” window.
4.    If you see any documents in the what’s printing window, you should clear the queue. Right click on each individual document, and remove it from the queued files.
5.    Once the queue is clear, and you’ve selected HP printer as the default printer – Restart your PC.

4.    Ensure your HP Printer Spooler is Working Correctly
You might encounter the HP Printer Offline Error, if your printer Spooler isn’t installed correctly. Resolving this issue is a bit technical, and it is advisable that you contact HP Printer Customer Service if you feel you’re not good with computers. The spooler service is used by printers to actually print the document.

Anyways, in case, you wish to go ahead with this method. Here are the steps:
•    Hold down the Windows key and R
•    Once the run window opens open, type services.msc in the search bar, and hit enter.
•    The services window will open up with many different services.
•    Locate and right click on Printer Spooler service.
•    From the drop-down list, select the Printer spooler restart.

Once you restart your printer spooler, you’ll no longer face the HP printer offline error. We recommend you to try all the three methods in the order listed above to fix your HP printer.

Printer Offline Error is one of the most common HP printer errors, and it is quite easy to fix. However, in some cases, a hardware issue may be causing the printer to malfunction. In that scenario, the above solutions will not help you. The only way to deal with a hardware issue is to either replace the damaged component, or get a new HP printer.

If you’re having issues with the Printer Offline error even after following the guide, we recommend you to contact the HP Printer Support Phone Number. Our executives will help you fix any issues you might be having with your HP printer.