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How to Get your HP Printer Offline to Online?

If you have been using an HP printer then it is quite possible that your printer might not work correctly and when you search out for the issue It comes to be that the status is offline. It gets frustrating when you need some print urgently.

Printers are gentle devices which simply react and send a message of printer offline even when there’s a slight deviation in your power source. It is essential in all the printers because a little shortfall in your power can naturally affect your device performance.

Sometimes a simple reboot is required of the device to turn its status back to online. However, if the offline status has occurred because of some changes in your system then it is a valid issue.

Here are few steps to solve HP printer offline issue, follow these steps to get your HP Printer Offline to online:

1)    Firstly, you have to Open your printer’s start menu and click on control panel and tap on the printers and faces sign. When you will do this will open up a list of printers and a new window on your screen. And the list opened will include all the recently setup printers serving on your system.
2)    Then To reconnect your HP printer offline to online double, click on the icon of the printer. Doing this will show you a pop-up window which comprises of the details of all present print jobs being scheduled on the printer.
3)    Lastly, you need to go the printer in the menu window and then tap use printer offline and then automatically this act will reconnect your HP printer offline status to online status.

All these easy steps will help you turn your HP printer offline to online status. Thus, printing jobs possibly in a queue can be continued. Anyone can do this sequence easily just by following all these simple steps and the simple instructions mentioned above.

Remember that an HP printer offline is no cause for alarm the solution to turn it right is accessible in the customer’s peace of mind.

Still, if you encounter any kind of difficulties that you couldn’t handle of your own then you may connect to the HP printer offline support number +1-844-919-1777.

The HP printer offline team is always ready to aid you for all your queries. So, feel free to call HP printer offline support number to get any kind of assistance.