Know the Best Solution for your HP Printer Setup


How to Setup Your HP Printer?

HP Printers are known for being the best multi-functional printers that give quality images through its printing and scanning. Being one of the incredible manufacturers of printers, millions and millions of people trust us and use our printers for their printing and scanning purpose.

When you are setting up your HP Printers for the first time, it is very important that you are well familiar with the HP Printer setup so that your printer can work properly without causing any problem. Here are the Five essential steps for HP Printer setup:

Five Essential Steps for HP Printer Setup

Steps for HP Printer Setup

STEP-1. Unpack and Remove your HP Printer from the Box

When you receive your brand-new HP Printer, firstly remove all the tapes from your printer and unbox it carefully.

STEP-2.  Connect your HP Printer with the Power Source

After you have unpacked your HP Printer, it’s time that you connect the printer with a power source. As soon as you switch on the printer you will see a green light which indicates that your printer is connected with the power source.

STEP-3. Fill up the Ink Cartridge of your HP Printer

This is a very important step that has to be specially taken care of. Carefully, remove the cartridge tray and fill up the color and black ink in the ink cartridges and then place the tray back in the hp printer. You will get to hear a click sound when the cartridge tray is properly placed.

If you face any problem, then feel free to get the expert technicians at your service by calling HP Printer customer service number. We will help you and diagnose the root cause of the problem and give you the complete solution out of it.

STEP-4. Download the Printer Driver and Install It

In order to make your printer work, it’s important that you have installed the printer driver in your PC. With the Purchase of the HP Printer, you have also received the Printer driver CD within its box. Open the CD and start installing the software in the PC. If you don’t have the CD with yourself, then you can download it from the website by entering the model number of the printer. You have to download the latest version of the printer driver according to the OS of your portable computer.

If you have any problem regarding this step, then call us on HP Printer customer support number and we will provide you instant help.

STEP-5. Load the Pages

Now, as your printer is ready to print, so place some of the pages on the main input tray so that the printer can print your documents using those pages.

HP Printer Setup is easy but people face different issues in the setup of their HP Printers. But, you don’t have to worry because our helpline number is available round the clock to help you assist you with the setup of your HP Printer.

Troubleshoot the Frequent Crashing of the Newly Updated Version to Windows 10

Updated Version to Windows 10

Are you not able to print your document after the update of your OS to windows 10? Well, this problem may arise if your printer is not compatible with your latest windows 10. If the printer is compatible with your OS, then make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of the HP Printer software and driver. Then, run the printer trouble-shooters so that your computer can detect, diagnose, and fix the issue step by step.

If you still cannot figure out the cause of the problem then call us and get instant assistance by HP Printer setup Technical Support experts.