Seek the Help of support team to get your HP Printer Offline Problem Resolved


Make your HP Printer Offline to Online

Is your HP printer showing offline status? Well, there can be many reasons for your HP printer offline status like poor connectivity with the internet, faulty hardware and outdated driver. And all these problems can be tackled simply by getting HP printer support.

You can also get your printer to online by changing the setting yourself and try to troubleshoot the minor issues which have occurred in your printer.

Follow the simple steps to resolve the problem of your HP printer offline to online

•    Connect your operating system and your printer with a USB cable.
•    Then, press the windows key from the keyboard and type services in the search engine and then press the enter button.
•    Once you have made the same to the services window then you have to scroll down to the name Print Spooler.
•    Then right click on the print spooler and open the properties.
•    Now, select the automatic in front of the startup type from the drop-down menu.
•    Now, press the start and wait until the operating system does its work.
•    Lastly, check the status of your HP printer to see if it has turned to online or not.

Sometimes the printer settings are dubious and you have to change the settings manually to keep the printer working. If the above-mentioned method doesn’t work then follow the below steps:

•    Open the control panel on the operating system and then find the devices and printers on the list.
•    Then, on the name of the printer you have to right click and select the option of “See what’s printing”
•    As you select the option a new window will get opened. Click the printer’s name and uncheck the option of Use Printer Offline, if unchecked.

 Here, you have done it! Your printer is now online. Try to take a print as a test document to ensure that all your efforts have paid off.

HP printer offline issue is a pretty common one and it happens because of many varied reasons. Some of the reasons are elaborated below:

Communication Breach

The main issue which occurs for the HP printer offline problem is again the communication of the printer and PC. In this case, you will have to restart your device and then again check by printing a document. Still, it doesn’t get connected you will have to take the HP support.

Reinstall the Printer

Sometimes when your printer doesn’t work even after restarting the device, reinstalling the printer can be an effective action to get an HP printer online. All you need to do is eliminate the printer from your device and again reinstall it for this you may have to undergo some PC settings. If you aren’t able to do it seek the help of the HP support team.
Configuration Settings

Configuration Settings

If your HP printer is showing offline issue then first you need to check the configurations. Some of the HP printer offline problems occurs due to the lack of printer and PC connectivity. So, you should check whether you’re all the configurations between PC and printer are done properly.

Still, if you face any kind of difficulty, in going through the above-mentioned steps to get your HP printer offline to online, feel free to reach us. You can anytime seek out help from expert support team of Printers help by calling on the HP Printer support helpline number +1-844-919-1777, which is accessible 24*7 across the globe.
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