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Printers have become a necessity for every business. Printers allow you easily share documents in hard format. HP is a leading printer manufacturer with millions of customers from all around the world.

Thousands of businesses use HP Printers for their everyday work. Printers from HP have earned a reputation for reliability and quality printing. However, no electronic device is immune from malfunctioning. HP printers encounter hardware and software issues from time to time that can prevent the printer from working efficiently. 

A lot of Printer problems can be solved by HP Printer troubleshooting.  But a large number of PC users seem to find the troubleshooting process tedious and too technical. If that is your case, it is best to contact our Printers-Help technician, who will help you fix your problem.

In this post, we will discuss some common printing problems and their solutions. The solutions are presented in a very user-friendly, and non-technical way. You can easily follow the steps mentioned here to resolve your HP printing issues.

1. HP Printers – Paper Jam Issue

Paper Jams are the most common complaint of most HP printer users. You mostly encounter the paper-jam error when the printing paper gets stuck in the printing machine. 

Be wary: Sometimes you may get this error even when there is no printing paper stuck in the printer. That means some other particle is stuck or lodged in the printer and is not allowing printer to properly function.

Just keep in mind the following tips to avoid such errors in the future:
•    Regularly clean your HP printer. Most users simply ignore printer maintenance. It is very important to keep your printer clean, and dust-free
•    Always use correct printing paper.  Don’t try to print on any other material. It will lead to paper jam error, and may even damage your HP printer.
•    Open your printer tray and remove any particles or paper that may be blocking the printing process.
•    Try restarting the printer if you keep getting this error even after clearing all jams.

If the above-mentioned tips don’t work for you, you should contact our HP Printer Support Phone Number, and our experienced technician will help you get your HP Printer back in working condition.

2. Outdated HP Printer Drivers

It is very important to keep your printer drivers updated. A major chunk of computer users never bothers updating their HP printer drivers. 
Surprisingly, most printer problems can be solved by a simple driver update. If you’re not able to find the latest drivers for your HP printer, or if your printer drivers are already updated – the problem might be caused by a malware infection.  In that case, it is best to contact an HP Printer Support expert.

3. HP Print Quality Low

Another very common issue faced by users is that the document is printed in very low resolution. This happens when:
•    The HP Printer imaging kit or drum is damaged
•    The HP Printer Ink is low
•    The printer’s power source is weak

To solve this issue, you can get your ink refilled, or plug-in the printer to a new power source. In case of damage, you might need to replace the damaged component.

It can be frustrating when your printer isn’t working. Especially when you need to print something urgently and the printer shows an error. If you are unable to fix the issue with your HP printer, we’d recommend you get in touch with Printer-Help’s HP Printer Customer Service, and our executive will ensure that your printer is fixed.