How to Connect HP Printer to Wifi Windows 10? Printers-Help


Are you struggling with the connectivity of your wireless or network HP printer in windows 10? Well, in such cases troubleshooting in a technical way is quite tough, but with the expert assistance hp printer support team you can easily understand the concept of how to connect your HP Printer to Wifi.  We assure you that our service won’t disappoint you and give you 100% customer satisfaction.  In case, you feel you are not satisfied with the service, you can reach us through our customer service, and we’ll definitely make it right for you.

Still, we have brought some easy steps to connect your HP printer with Wifi in Windows 10 operating system. Let’s get started with simple instructions:

How to add Network or Wireless Printer

For connecting your wireless or network HP Printer to Wi-Fi we have brought 2 steps:

•    HP Printer Setup and then connecting it with Wifi network

•    Adding wireless or network HP printer in windows

In case the above-mentioned solutions don’t work then contact HP Printer support number to troubleshoot this printer issue. You can also contact us if you need assistance and solutions for hp printer offline issue.

HP Printer Setup and then connecting it with Wifi network

Nowadays most of the HP wireless printers comes along with an LCD screen that allows the users for the initial process of the setup and then connectivity to the Wi-Fi network. So, follow these steps to get hp printer setup :-

1.    Switch on your HP Printer and then access the Setup Menu on the LCD Panel.

2.    Now choose the Language, Country, install cartridges and then you have to choose the Wi-Fi network using the Wifi network password.

If your HP Printer doesn’t have an LCD screen then connect your printer to the computer and then complete the setup process along with connection with Wifi network.

 Adding wireless or network HP printer in windows

Once your printer is connected with the Wi-fi network now you have to connect it from your computer as well.

1.    Firstly, go to the settings option and select Device

2.    Now select Printers and Scanners and click on Add a Printer or Scanner

3.    You will get a list of Printers and you have to add your HP wireless printer.

4.    Now you will get a Print a Test Page option that will show whether your computer is connected with the computer or not.

This is the easiest way to add your HP printer in Windows 10. In case your OS is unable to list your HP Printer then:

1.    Open Devices from the Settings option

2.    Now you have to Click on Printers and Scanners and then Click on Add Printer or Scanner

3.    Now you will find a list of Printers and then click on The Pinter that I want Isn’t Listed

4.    You will find many other options to find your printer

Select the option that perfectly suits your Printer and if still, the above-mentioned process doesn’t work, then directly call us on hp printer customer service number.

With the help of hp printer customer service, we will easily help you with how to connect your HP printer to Wifi in Windows 10. Our technicians at HP Printer customer support are highly skilled and qualified and they are well familiar with how to diagnose and fix a certain printer issue. With the help of advanced tools, they will troubleshoot your printer issue with ease. Reach us anytime on our HP Printer customer service number as we are there to give you perfect solution round the clock.