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You might have reached this blog because you either have a brand new wireless HP Printer sitting at your home or workspace. There is no doubt in the fact that the printer offered by HP are more than amazing. However, to utilize complete functionality from the device you need a proper HP Wireless Printer Setup.


A technician would get the setup done at just a snap, however, it can be an issue for people who are not experts in this field. To get people out of this issue, we offer you a few steps to process the HP Wireless Printer Setup effectively.

8 Go-To Steps to Setup HP Wireless Printer

Let’s hop upon some easy steps which will help you get started with your functional printer.

1. Turn on your printer.

2. Then, access the touchscreen in your printer to connect your wireless network.

3. From the setup menu and choose ‘Network’

4. Now you need to choose ‘Wireless Setup Wizard’ from the network menu.

5. We need you to select the Network SSID from that very list.

6. Also, you need to provide the WPA passphrase for the network. Click on ‘Ok’.

7. Confirm all the settings before you exit.

8. Select ok to print the wireless report or you may also just simply skip.

We hope that these steps will make it easy for you to establish a proper HP Printer setup.

What are the Reasons for HP Printer Wireless Printer Setup Errors?

Well, it is not always mandatory for an issue to be there during your setup process. However, it is always good for a user to learn about the causes and get them resolved at the earliest.

1. Spooler issues often interrupt with the setup

2. Connection failure might also result in an HP Printer Setup issue

3. It is possible that your PC might be not sensing the printer

4. HP Printer Offline error may easily result in the issue.

5. Improper installation of the drivers

Do not panic if you are facing these issues because these errors can be easily rectified by technicians who work for HP Printers and their errors.

What are the most effective Methods to Resolve the Setup Error for HP Printer?

You can also resolve the issue by taking a look at the methods below. Troubleshoot any error if required.

1. Try finding a new spot to set your printer.

2. Connect the Wireless Printer to a different cable.

3. Reboot/ Restart the HP Printer

4. Ensure that your router is working has proper internet connectivity

5. Also, make sure that you have the firmware up to date

Checking all of the above-mentioned points are highly important to get HP Wireless Printer Setup issue resolved.

What to do if these methods fail?

There a more probability to the fact that your setup issues will be resolved with the help of these steps and methods. In case, if they fail to work then simply seek help from technicians at HP Printer Support.

Connect with experts to use the services of a functional HP Printer.