How to fix HP Envy 120 Printer Offline Issue? Printers-Help


Printer offline is the most annoying issue that creates big problems for users. However its simplest solution in proper guidance. Printer Offline issue is the most concerned by large numbers of users. And this find can occur because of any reason like – network connection, internal damage, and other connecting problem.

And, in this blog, we are providing you steps to recover your HP envy 120 printer offline issue.

Without skipping any step carefully go according to the instruction.

Step 1: Firstly Check the Connectivity

Which Windows 8 or10, you are using? Don't forget to download one of the best versions of the HP Envy wireless Printer. You will find a special offline tool created to avoid issues with printer offline conditions and other issues too.

Skip to the step if you don’t have Windows 10 or 8.  Or update the window of your system.

  1. Firstly, download HP Printer and Scan doctor in case you don't have it.
  2. Once you are done with downloading, then make run HPPSdr.exe on your computer.
  3. Now open to the HP Envy printer offline tool, and click on the Start option, and then select your printer (Check the model name from the Printer).
    • In case, you don’t find your printer model name on the list, then try to turn your computer and printer off and on. And check once again the name of the printer name.
    • In the next case if you find the connection problem between your computer and printer, then carefully read the instruction and follow the instructions given in the HP Envy Printer offline tool. Find difficulties to understand the instruction then take technicians to help.
  4. Is your screen displays is asking to turn on your printer updates? Then go for the yes and click on the continue option.
  5. This can also possible that screen displays are asking to make your printer as the default printer, then agree with the terms and conditions and click on continue option.
  6. Is your printer goes offline again? Don't panic just move towards the next page and continue to the next step conditions.

Step 2: Reset your Printer, Printing Options.

When you are Resetting your printer’s printing environment. Then make sure to restore the connection between both the devices. The one device (computer) you are giving the command from and another one you are giving the command to (Printer).

Instruction for connecting both the device again.

  1. Long press to the stop button on the printer or plug out the wire, Turn on the printer off. And, wait at least 10 seconds. Now, you can disconnect your Printer’s power cord from the computer.
  2. After printer, also turn off to your computer or that particular device (Phone, etc.) that you are using to give print command

After disconnecting the connection between both the devices, wait for a few minutes and move forward to-

  1. Connect your printer power cord to the power source. And, press to start button in the printer if you did found Printer green light.
  2. If you are using a wireless printer then restart the router and ready for connecting device.
    1. Disconnect the power cord from your wireless router.


Make sure that your Internet service is not interrupted it can be possible that connection can be disturbed in the working of the router.

    1. At least wait for 10 seconds, and after that try to reconnect to your router through the power cord.
    2. Wait till the network connection light become green or active of the router for the router.
    3. Long press on the printer’s wireless button or to the wireless control panel icon to turn on and off to the wireless connection.
    4. Take a few minutes break and wait for the connection between the printer and your router.
  1. Now, it’s time to work on the computer, so turn on your computer and go for the device and printer option.
  2. Try to reconnect the power cord of the printer.
  3. Now give a try, give a command for print.
    • Once your printer is taking the printing command then you are done.
    • But, in case your printer is not taking print command then you need to move for the next step.

Step 3: Fix the Default Printer and Set.

When you installed your driver, there are chances that the default print driver may have changed to another driver. For example the Web Services for Devices driver with another similar name. To fix the issue, you simply need to change the default print driver to the originally installed driver. Then, confirm that the printer is not on an offline status.

  1. Now, go for devices and printers in the window and search for the model name of your printer from the list of devices.
  2. Check the HP Printer Envy 120 in the list and check it as an active device or not grayed out. After checking to make a right-click in the name and set the model as a default printer of your computer.  
  3. Now, for the final check, give the command to the printer for printing.
    1. You are done if you see the printer is printing the pages.
    2. But, if you found that the printer is not taking the command or not able to print and it is showing offline and alternatively going offline.
    3. Then move forward to the last and most effective step.

 Step 4: HP Printer Tech Support Number.

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