HP Printer Assistant Windows 10 | Download and Installation


HP Printer Assistant Windows 10 – Download, Installation & Not opening Issue Solved

Ever wondered what the HP Printer Assistant software does for your printer and how does it benefit the device? No clue, take a note on ‘What is HP Printer Assistant’?

It is a printing software which allows users to eradicate common errors for HP Printer. Also, the software gives access to helpful and HP printer device’s information. HP Printer Assistant can be used to scan documents, keep in check the ink levels of your printer, and even make orders for additional supplies for the printer. Automated fixes are one of its biggest features. Along with this, the users also get plenty of self-help options through which they are easily able to identify the issue and resolve it.

In this blog, you can expect to find trustworthy methods and instructions to HP Printer Assistant Windows 10 download, installation, and steps to reconnect your printer with the help of the software.

What is the procedure for HP Printer Assistant Windows 10 Download

Did you know that when you install the HP Printer software on your PC, regardless of you using an HP website or working simply with a CD? The software tool will get installed on your Windows Computer. In rare chances, you may not be able to find the software in your Windows.

Below are some of the steps which will help you with the process of the HP Printer Assistant Download. Simply follow the instructions carefully for your software to be downloaded appropriately-

1. First, turn the HP printer device off.

2. Then, disconnect the cables from the printer.

3. Now, you may click on the ‘Printer’ option. When you do, a box will appear, type the printer number for your model.

4. A page will be displayed where you will be able to view the options for operating systems. Choose your currently in-use OS by going to the option for ‘Change’.

5. Finally, go to the ‘Driver’ option provided and then press ‘Download’

How to Proceed with HP Printer Assistant Windows 10 Installation Process?

In the end, you get to choose the installation type. For that, you will have to choose the option for either ‘Typical’ or ‘Recommended’. You will see that the installation process is complete now. In case, you see that there is an issue troubling you about the download or installation process, then you can simply contact for professional printer help.

How to Reconnect HP Printer with HP Printer Assistant in Windows 10?

Suppose, previously you had Windows 8 as your operating system, but now you want to upgrade to Windows 10. In such a case, you will require to reconnect your printing device so that you can use the software.

To do so, keep following the steps given below-

1. Start, by clicking on the option for ‘Connect to a New Printer’.

2. Then, choose your preferred connection type. Ensure that at the same time you are also completing the instructions provided on-screen.

3. Now, turn off your HP Printer device

4. If there are programs open on your computer then close them. Reboot your PC.

5. Turn both the devices on

6. You can click on the printer icon and then you can open the HP Printer Assistant.

In case, you are unable to open the software then you can contact for help to technical help. Get any issues related to HP Printer Assistant fixed.

What to do if the HP Printer Assistant Does Not open or Shows Multiple Printers?

There are chances that once you upgrade to Windows 10, you may not be able to open the HP Printer Assistant software or in some cases, also find multiple printers at once. You will get a pop up for ‘Connect to a New Printer’ or you will get the option for ‘Select a Printer’.

Follow the steps mentioned below to troubleshoot the Printer Assistant issue-

1. First, remove all the printers which are displayed on the list of devices.

2. Then, connect the HP Printer in the Printer Assistant Software.

3. Also, try to make sure that your HP Printer is set as default in the meantime.

4. Then, restart the computer as well as your HP Printer device.

5. If this doesn’t work then reinstall the latest drivers. You can do this with the help of the HP Printer Website.

Grab technical help if you are unable to resolve HP Printer Assistant software issues.