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Purchasing a printer can be a complicated business, there are more shapes, sizes and types of printers available to the home and a small business user than ever before. With the increase in the demand of printers, our HP printer manufacturers have come up with unique printer modals to serve the basic needs of our customers. HP Printers have also become specialised for their intended purpose.

A Printer Is Not Just A Printer Anymore

Our HP printers do not just perform the job of printing anymore.  It is no longer a case of "a printer being just a printer". HP Printers are now specially designed to be good in many areas area rather than just being good at the monotonous job of printing. Now a days, HP printers have been manufactured in such a way that they can perform the multi task of photocopying, and faxing as well.

Are You Facing Problems in Setting Up Your HP Printer?

Its in times of urgent need that you realize the importance of a printer. And when you purchase a printer, you feel the excitement of setting it up. If you fail to do it correctly, then it can serve as big disappointment for you.  Well, do not worry at all. We at HP printers have all the answers to your queries regarding the setting up of your HP printer.

A.    Remove all the taping off your brand-new HP Printer in order to set it up for printing:
Firstly, unlock your brand-new HP printer by removing all the tapes, and the packing materials from outside the printer.

B.    Plug in your printer to a functional power source:
Secondly, plug your printer into the available power source, and turn on your HP printer successfully.

C.    Select the correct language according to your particular region or country:
Thirdly, set the language, time, and country/region on the printer control panel.

D.    Insert the ink cartridges successfully:
Fourthly, make sure that you insert the cartridges properly. Once you have inserted them, secure the cartridges until they click.

E.    Align the cartridges carefully:
Fifthly, open the ink cartridge access door carefully and align the cartridges.

F.    Place the paper bundles gently over the paper tray:
Lastly, slide in the paper width guides until they lightly rest against the edges of the paper. Do the seating of the paper on the tray very gently.

Why is my HP printer offline?

In case your HP printer is showing “Offline” status, then follow the steps given below in order to change the status of your printer

1.    Kindly make sure that there is a secure, and proper connectivity of your HP printer with the computer. And also ensure that your computer, or laptop, or printer is attached to a functional power source.
2.    After securing a successful attachment with a power source, kindly ensure whether your HP printer is connected to a wireless connection or not, check if your printer's built-in menu has options for checking.
3.    Make sure that the “HP printer offline mode” has been disabled in your printer

Check this by going to Start>settings>devices>printers and scanners> select open queue.  After this make sure that the HP printer offline status is disabled.

HP printer was made to print in order to solve your problems and make your life easier. So, in case you are facing any other difficulties regarding the setting up of your HP printer, or you are unable to change the HP printer offline status despite going through the tips mentioned above, then feel free to call at our HP printers customer support number.