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Are you getting frustrated with your HP Printer offline issue? Then let’s put a full stop to your printer issue and reach HP printer support number today!

We at HP printer support are not only going to fix the issue but also going to give you a permanent solution so that the issue won’t arise in your printer device again and the status changes from hp printer offline to online. HP Printer offline is a common issue that has been reported by many printer users, but with the help of our helpful HP Printer support team, they easily got rid of the offline issue.

What is Printer offline and why does it happen?

HP printer offline is a situation when your printer goes offline and the document you have sent for printing is saved in the computer device and will get print only when it finds the printer connectivity again.

There are several reasons behind the offline issue, and if you want to change HP Printer offline to online, it’s important that you know the root causes behind it.

The improper connectivity of printer with your computer

You are going to see offline printer message on your screen until and unless you don’t change the status of HP Printer offline to online. The possible reason behind this issue can be the improper connectivity of printer with your PC.  So, make sure that all the printer USB cables are connected tightly and rightly placed with your computer.

Your HP Printer is set to ‘Use in Offline Mode’

If your printer is set to ‘Use in offline mode’, then it won’t print any document and show you an offline message on your screen. To change the status of HP Printer offline to online, you need to remove the selected option of ‘Use in Offline mode’. To do so, you need to go to the printers and drivers from the Control Panel and double click on your printer which is in offline mode. Now select ‘See what’s Printing’ and then deselect the option ‘Use in Offline mode’.  This will change your printer status from offline to online.

Too many documents pending in the printer job

When too many pending jobs are queued all together, then your printer might go offline. To resolve this, you need to go to the settings of the printer and then double click on your printer. Select the Printer menu and cancel all the documents.

If necessary reboot your printer and PC and try to reinstall the printer driver.

And in case, if you have followed all the above solutions and still it is not changing from hp printer offline to online mode, then the problem might be because of some internal defect. In such a situation, you need expert technicians and you can find the expertise by reaching HP Printer support number. The tech experts of HP Printer support are certified technicians and are well familiar with the knowledge about software and hardware properties. So, for quick assistance to troubleshoot your HP Printer offline issue, contact HP Printer support today.