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There could be several reasons of why your HP printer is appearing offline. But do not worry as our HP Printer Customer Support executive is just a call away to aid you and help you out with your HP printer offline troubleshooting problems. There could be many reasons of why your HP printer could be appearing offline, may be because it is unable to communicate with your computer.

In order for you to change the offline status of your HP printer, follow the simple following steps: :

  • Ensure the proper connectivity of your HP printer with the computer
  • Kindly ensure, and check carefully in order to make sure that your HP printer is turned on properly, and connected to the same wireless network as your computer.

  • Make sure that your printer is connected to a functional wireless network
  • In order for you to find out whether your HP printer is connected to the wireless or not, check if your printer's built-in menu has options for checking, or check the printer's manual for instructions about how to connect it to a wireless network

  • Kindly verify whether your printer is in an offline mode or not
  • In order for you to confirm that your printer is not in use Printer Offline mode;

    • Firstly, select start Windows logo Start button,
    • Then go to the Settings Gear-shaped Settings icon,
    • Select the Devices option, then the Printers & scanners option
    • Once you have finished doing that, go ahead and select the printer option,
    • And then, select Open queue
    • On opening that Under Printer, kindly make sure to that the Use Printer Offline mode has not been selected.
    • In case it has been selected, then kindly deselect that option in order to make your HP printer functional normally as before.

Even after going about the following steps that have been mentioned above, if your HP printer’s status still does not change then please do not hesitate to call on our HP Printer Customer Support service executives which are available for you 24x7 in order to give you the best services available. Hurry up! Do not waste any more time and call on your HP Printer Contact Number +1-800-656-0360

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